Value Your Trade-In

Buyers coming to Hixson Toyota to purchase a new car may bring a trade-in to offset costs. Located in Leesville, our shoppers can count on a fair deal offer on vehicles they bring in. If you're not sure we'll take the car you're trading in, call us. Our team will perform an appraisal process to determine the value of your trade-in. Specific factors play into the final estimates, so swing by today to get the ball rolling.

Basic Points About Trade-Ins

The three most apparent factors contributing to valuation are the make, model, and year. A specific vehicle may have more value than another, and age factors into the decision because older models are prone to break down sooner and require more maintenance. That said, some Fort Polk owners could keep an older car in good shape, potentially increasing its value.

Dents & Accidents

Other elements contributing to the valuation would be any dents or damage the vehicle has experienced. A car previously involved in an accident may lose some value. A review of the vehicle's title history can reveal whether the model was involved in any accidents.

Check an Online Valuation Tool

Use our online appraisal tool, Kelley Blue Book, to provide general figures on the value of a car. Typing in specific details about the car, truck, or SUV and hitting enter will give DeRidder, LA, drivers results in minutes.

Leesville shoppers interested in trading in their car should know that using our valuation tool is only one step. Understand that an in-person inspection by a qualified technician or sales professional will be required and could potentially result in a higher value.

Prepping the Trade-in

Before bringing a car to our dealership in Leesville for a trade-in, consider having it thoroughly detailed. A cleaner car will give it a better impression of the condition.

Shoppers from the Fort Polk area can direct any questions to our dealership. Our team could help buyers with the trade-in and purchase process.