Toyota Avalon Sedan: Efficiency and Power Merge

The Toyota Avalon arrives at Hixson Toyota with an efficient and powerful mechanical design. Listed in the full-size class, this sporty sedan appeals to drivers who value entry-level luxury and solid performance.

The latest-generation Avalon has been engineered with a relatively low coefficient of drag. For its wide and lengthy body, this imported sedan has great aerodynamic characteristics on highways. Select models have a COD as low as 0.27 when measured in wind tunnels or other standard laboratory settings. If you'd like to get even better fuel economy, choose a hybrid powertrain that includes a powerful electric motor and sealed nickel-metal hydride battery. This efficient propulsion unit is optimized to operate with a 2.5 L gasoline engine block. You can engage the EV Mode to completely draw power only from the battery and motor. The ECO Mode automatically adjusts the power ratios from all available sources under the hood.



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