The Safe To Drive Toyota Yaris

Hixson Toyota Leesville is the place to come and explore all that the Toyota Yaris has to offer. The Yaris is a fuel-efficient, sub-compact car that seats four comfortably. When it comes to keeping you safer out on the roads, the Yaris is up there among the best on the market.

The Toyota Yaris comes equipped with a low-speed, pre-collision system. This system uses sensors to scan the path ahead. If a frontal collision is anticipated, you will be alerted. If you don't act on the alert, the system will stop the Yaris on its own helping to avoid a collision with an object or pedestrian.

Another safety feature found on the Toyota Yaris is the rain-sensing wiper system. When moisture such as rain or snow is detected on the windshield, the wipers will automatically engage. This keeps your view of the road as clear as possible so that you can avoid problems.



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