Toyota Prius: The Compact Hybrid of Choice

Compact-hybrid sedans are in high demand now days because they're so versatile. These small sedans may not possess the most sheer size, but they completely serve a purpose. Fuel efficiency, advanced technologies, and futuristic good-looks can be expected. The Toyota Prius embodies all of these qualities, so let's see what the interior of the Toyota Prius looks like.

First and foremost, the driver and passengers will be greeted with a stunning multimedia display. This multimedia display is 11.6 inches, and it displays high-definition images in stunning detail. You can find and control a number of applications and features from this display, and it's very user-friendly. The Prius' Head-Up display is also wonderful to look at thanks to its vivid details. Most of the car's information can be found here, which helps to keep you on top of any potential issues that could be going on with the brakes or a lack of fuel.

Check out our selection of Toyota Prius models for sale at our impressive showroom. We will give you a free test drive if you're interested in feeling the performance of the Prius firsthand.



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