Toyota Land Cruiser: Confident Drive Anywhere

Tough and capable, the new Toyota Land Cruiser leads the SUV class in passive and active safety. You should contact Hixson Toyota to request details on the Toyota Safety Sense P technology and other standard installations that improve your confidence behind the steering wheel of this full-size vehicle.

This durable Toyota SUV gets a major boost from the Star Safety System, which is optimized for off-road cruising and normal driving. The Multi-Terrain ABS prevents the wheels from locking up on a surface that has low friction. If you don't apply enough pressure on the brake pedal, the Smart Stop Technology will take control of the braking system.

A sonar system is installed in the new Land Cruiser for enhanced parking guidance. By scanning the immediate surroundings, several sensors determine the likelihood of a low-speed impact. You should also utilize the Multi-Terrain Monitor to ensure that the perimeter is clear.



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