Technology Features of the Toyota Tundra

This full-size pickup truck remains a favorite in its class for its sturdy build and fuel efficiency. The Toyota Tundra also offers an impressive range of technology features to aid the driver and provide a safer ride.

An integrated dashboard screen provides a handy backup camera when in reverse gear, allowing the driver to spot unseen obstructions. The display is also touchscreen-enabled, making route planning a snap. Appealing graphic displays also keep the driver informed regarding fuel economy, calculated distance to empty, trip countdown and a Brake Controller System when hauling a trailer. Toyota also offers the Standard Safety Sense, a collision avoidance system that senses nearby pedestrians and warns the driver when they are too close.

If you'd like to take the Toyota Tundra for a test drive or have any further questions, stop by Hixson Toyota, where qualified Toyota specialists can show you its range of technology features.



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