Toyota Yaris: Screen Machine

The Toyota Yaris features a modern heads-up display superior to those most commonly found in other small commuter cars. Rather than simply serving as a large screen for the radio, the Yaris model's built-in display connects to the rear-view camera, offers GPS directions, and can even store and play MP3s. It also connects to your phone and with the assistance of Toyota software can serve as a partial second screen, enabling you to interact with your phone even if you keep it in your pocket or purse. A CD player option is also available.

But if you come to Hixson Toyota and test drive the Yaris, you'll notice that the display's most critical features can be operated using buttons located on the steering wheel. The wheel itself is designed to be ergonomic and is coated in a faux leather grip, and the placement of key buttons is perfect for making them accessible while ensuring you don't press them by accident. Schedule your test drive today!



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