Car Buying Guide: What is the Differential?

Older vehicles did not have a differential. However, newer cars have one or even two differentials that help move your vehicle's wheels. The car differential has lubricated gears that power up your driveshaft to make your axles turn properly. If you have one differential, it's probably located on the front or rear wheel. If you have all wheel drive, then you likely have both.

Upgrading your car differential can mean that you turn your car from a FWD or RWD into a full AWD. Many drivers who love to off-road will often upgrade a differential in order to do this. Newer 4x4 vehicles always have multiple differentials as well.

Upgrading a differential requires some mechanical knowledge. This is because most differentials are located in housing and need to be lubricated properly in order to work. If you need help with your differential or want to look at how these work on your car, you can talk to a mechanic at Hixson Toyota to help you learn more about differentials. Our service department is conveniently located in Leesville, LA.

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