Why do Metallic Pads Stop Vehicles so Well?

Brake pads are vital components in the braking system chain. Located on the rotors, which are metallic discs mounted to the wheel, brake pads work in concert with the rotors to stop your car on-demand.

Brake pad varieties include sintered, ceramic, and organic. Sintered pads are composed of tiny particles of metal fused together under pressure and high temperatures. Because sintered pads include significant amounts of metal in their constructions, they are known to do good jobs of stopping vehicles under tough condition. This capability makes sintered pads the brake pads of choice for heavy trucks, race cars, and other vehicles that need to operate at extreme brake-pad temperatures.

At our Leesville, LA service facility, our technicians have significant experience dealing with sintered pads. To enjoy the power of sintered pads for yourself, stop by the auto parts center at Hixson Toyota today for a no-obligation consultation with our braking system experts.

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