Stylish Accents on the Toyota C-HR

Toyota has taken a step into the future with the design of the new C-HR. This popular subcompact SUV is sporting an aggressive exterior body. It's a moving piece of art that will turn heads. The SUV is available at Hixson Toyota with a number of great accents that push its style even further.

On the front of the C-HR, you'll find sleek and fluid headlights. The headlights are very thin and long. They start towards the middle of the hood and sweep around the corner to create a fluid look. Every C-HR comes with standard LED cluster daytime running lights. They're bright and attractive, improving your visibility in any lighting condition.

The wheels on the C-HR are just as cool as the rest of the vehicle. It's available with 18-inch sport wheels. They're made of a machined alloy material and utilize a distinct vortex design that complements the rest of the vehicle.



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